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Gift Cards, Wallet Cards and National Restaurant Discount Cards Since 2003

sell our cards and keep earning for months.

Your school, group or non-profit organization can get cash donations while every donor saves huge on home decor, watches, jewelry, food and more. With the Gift Card Fundraiser everyone avoids overpriced products, like $10 chocolate bars. With the restaurant discount card donors can save hundreds of dollars on food they purchase everyday.

There are NO costs upfront to your organization, everything is absolutely FREE to get started!
Everything is included, Cards, paperwork even shipping --- ALL INCLUDED! That works out to be a huge savings for you and your organization. Every contributor will enjoy a large savings. Your organization pays $1 or less from each gift card sold and $3 or less for each restaurant card sold.

Our $25 Gift Card is redeemable at our store loaded with a variety of products that are under $25, jewelry, toys, electronics, dog and cats toys and other desireable consumer items. Your organization earns its money upfront on every sale, as well as earnings from every transaction! The complete program, from start to finish is a winner for you, your contributors, students’ parents and community. Everybody is very happy with this program because it supplies items at a great price (value), something most fundraisers don't include for donors.

How Does It Work?

We deliver either restaurant discount cards or $25 Gift Cards. Your donars use the cards to redeem products or to save money at 12 national restaurants.

    • > Cards easily sell between $2 and up to $10 each.

See Sample $25 Gift Cards Here.

See Sample Restaurant Discount Cards Here.

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